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Satellite-based communication solutions are established, well-developed and trusted as well as highly dynamic with major innovations currently taking place. Twoobii is based on proven technology using the most advanced current features and satellite capabilities.

Twoobii Business Broadband Service

What is Satellite Broadband?

It is a broadband service which is implemented using a satellite communication channel. In a satellite communication channel the data from the user is sent from the user terminal antenna, or you dish, to the satellite in the sky, and from the satellite to a big hub station located in Gauteng.

Who can use satellite broadband?

Twoobii is a solution for “off-grid” users, “off-grid” users are not connected to the national telecommunication networks with 3G or ADSL. This is the typical areas on the outskirts of metro’s and isolated areas where there is no other means of reliable connectivity.

Is my satellite internet connection used differently to an ADSL connection?

Your broadband connection will appear to you exactly the same as any other internet connection. Rest assured, you can still use the same browsers, email software and other internet applications, as any other “normal” internet user.

Can I make telephone calls with my Satellite Broadband connection?

Yes, you can indeed make low-cost VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone calls and this option can be purchased from your local reseller and installations partner.

Does this Broadband Service offer “triple play”?

Triple play is the provision of internet access, TV and telephone in a single service. Yes, we are happy to say Twoobii Satellite Broadband does offer this function.

Purchasing Satellite Broadband

Where can I purchase the Twoobii Satellite Business Broadband Solution?

You are welcome to purchase and sign-up for a service through online via www.twoobii.com . The equipment can be purchased from your nearest reseller and installer partner.

How does the cost of the Broadband Satellite Solution compare to other internet connectivity services?

Satellite broadband are designed to be used where other connections to the internet are not available. It presents a low-cost alternative where connectivity was not previously available.

Equipment & Installation

What equipment do I need to use the Twoobii Satellite Broadband Solution?

This solution comes standard with a satellite modem, a satellite antenna (or dish) that must be installed outside and a transmitter and receiver unit.

I have a satellite dish; can I use it for internet connection via Satellite Broadband?

Because Twoobii Satellite Broadband uses innovative and advanced performance optimization technologies over satellite, this requires a certain size and quality of the dish. To ensure reliable reception of the satellite signal for your broadband connection, you should use the dish supplied with your equipment.

Can I install the dish myself?

The Twoobii service operates on the latest most advanced and most powerful satellite services available. For this reason we strongly recommend that a certified field team complete the systems installation for you.

Broadband Technical Details

Which satellite is used?

Twoobii operates on Intelsat IS33e EPIC satellite and uses the Ku-band space segment communication channels.

Do I need a specific computer to access satellite broadband?

No extra software is required to be installed on your computer. This service can operate with PC or Apple Macintosh computers with ethernet support.

Can I use satellite broadband with a network?

Your satellite modem can easily be connected with an Ethernet cable either to an individual computer or to a network router/switch to link to a home network or local area network. The connection from the router to your network computers can be cabled or wireless.

How far from the computer can the modem and dish be?

The Twoobii equipment pack comes standard with 30m of dual coax cable to connect the dish and satellite modem. Should you wish to extend this cable, please contact your nearest service and installation partner for advice. To connect the IP modem to your computer, an Ethernet cable of approximately 2.0m is supplied. You can substitute a longer cable if required.

Must the equipment be powered all the time?

The modem should be powered whenever the connection is in use. The satellite modem takes a few minutes to initialise after being switched on.  It is recommended to keep the modem powered at all times unless the connection will not be used for an extended period.

Does satellite broadband suffer from delay or “latency”?

A satellite connection requires the signal to travel from the ground to the satellite and back again, and this imposes a “satellite latency” of approximately half a second. However, we employ a variety of means to mitigate the effects of this delay, so it does not adversely affect normal use of the Broadband connection.

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